Of the 7 billion people on the planet 60 percent are in Asia and as the world’s population continues to climb, unprecedented pressure is being applied to our urban environments.

In Asia soaring growth and globalisation is propelling more and more people to escape rural pleasantry to live in cities in search of economic opportunities. This is making way for the greatest human migration of all time.

Countries like Indonesia with high per capita economic growth are on the forefront of this urban transformation.

We are just two in four billion witnessing this 21 century Asian industrial revolution.

This blog documents and shares our year away in Asia.

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  1. rose2852 says:

    Found this blog in the March edition of New Planner. As a frequent tourist to Indonesia, am loving your stories.

  2. bapaksebas says:

    Hi Rose, great to see you found out about this page through the New Planner story. Thanks for the comment and I hope you enjoy our future updates!

  3. KAS says:

    Hi, got the link to your blog from my colleague which also your sister 🙂 You really have good times and so much fun experiences in my so-called home country. Glad you enjoy your time in Indonesian and Bandung in particular, I must say it is a beautiful country and I really miss it. After reading through your blog, I think you are more indonesian than me as you have visited so many places that i have never been there before whole my life lol..anyway thanks for sharing your beautiful stories and pics..enjoy your last month in Bandung

    • bapaksebas says:

      Hi KAS, thanks for your kind comments. Indonesia is a very beautiful country indeed. The best thing about it for us all is that it’s so close! Hope you’ve got a trip planned soon.

  4. Tim Sneesby says:

    I’ve really enjoyed reading these blog posts. Thanks for sharing guys!

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